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Fun Raisers Club and COVID-19

Given the current COVID-19 situation, ALL Club events and gatherings will be modified to conform to CDC and New York State COVID-19 guidelines.

Please be safe!

Do you want to have fun as a 55+ Single?

Our singles’ club

Social Hour Meeting time
4:30-7:00 pm Every Thursday

Back To My Place
3024 E Henrietta Road
near Lehigh Station Road

New member applications  available there


Message from our President, Liz Gonyo

June is now upon us. Hard to believe, isn’t it? Recently, I found myself wondering what is the definition of FUN? I looked it up, “Enjoyment, Amusement or Lighthearted Pleasure”. Then what is the definition of Raisers? With that I found “A thing that increases the amount, level or strength of something”. I realized this is the perfect description and name for our club, The FunRaisers. You all increase the amount of enjoyment in our Club and with that it gives us strength. I couldn’t be more delighted to represent such a wonderful group of members! Thank you all for your support and the continued confidence you give myself, our board members and committee members.

Our Cabin Party was a great success! Special thanks go to our hosts, Shari, Ed & Ken and of course, to all the other members of the Coordinating Committee who worked so hard to have it turn out so nice. Additional thanks to Diane Nientimp for posting the Cabin Party pictures on our website. It’s fun to look back and reminisce.

Our first General Meeting was very well received and we covered a lot of information. For those that weren’t able attend we rolled out our New Member Referral Program. When referring a new member to our club have them fill out and submit the FunRaisers membership application found on our website. If access to a computer is not possible I’ll be happy to mail you one. On the “How did you hear about us” line have the new member write in your name. When our Treasurer, Diane, receives their application & annual dues you will be sent a Referral Voucher. This is redeemable for $5.00 on a Board Club Sponsored Event. This is unlimited, you will receive a voucher for each new referral. This is our way of thanking you for bringing new members to our club.

The By-Laws Committee is working diligently to clarify the By-Laws and make them more concise. The revisions of the By-Laws will be emailed to all members in early August for your review. The voting to approve them will take place at the next General Meeting held in August at our Picnic.

Our monthly dinners and mingles are resuming in June. The first dinner will be at Castaways On The Lake on June 16 (refer to flyer on the website). We still need volunteers to host the August dinner and for the months that have not been filled for the mingles. Please contact Linda Sweeting to sign up as a host. It’s a fun way to bring 10 or 20 people to your favorite restaurant or pub. Give the pertinent information to Jan our Event Flyer Guru, she’ll design the flyer, have you proof it, and will post it on the website. Our members will call you to sign up and then a good time awaits!

Have a great month and I’ll look forward to seeing you out and about.




A Sample of Our Activities Include:

-Happy Hour
-Walking Adventures
-Dinner/Movie Nights
-Cards (Euchre/Hand’nFoot)


Planned events such as:
-Cabin Party
-Anniversary Dinner
-Summer Picnic
-Thanksgiving Dinner
-Holiday Party
-Casino Day Trips